Finco Solutions


Finco currently have  a abrasive water jet, guillotine and a 200 tonne press for all your processing needs. Call or simply email through your DXF files for a quote.

Mining Services

Our team of qualified engineers are experts at creating innovative design solutions that fit specific needs within the Queensland mining community. We resolve a wide range of issues that arise from mining activities from total redesigns of major components to specialty tooling. We’re able to cater to the mining industry by providing on-site inspection and full-service repairs to all of your equipment and machinery.

Our mobile maintenance service is available 24 hours a day and our vehicles are entirely equipped to the appropriate mining specifications. Our team is able to dispatch boilermakers, diesel mechanics and trades assistants, as required with minimal notice and are committed to reducing downtimes and labor costs for our clients.


Finco takes safety extremely seriously, having witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of sub-par workmanship and cutting corners.  Despite pressure to deliver parts cheaply and quickly, Finco does not run any risks and does not compromise on quality. Finco has always been 100% committed to working well within the Australian Work Place Health and Safety Requirements.

All parts and materials are sourced from quality manufacturers, and Finco expertly fits parts in house at their workshop in Mackay.  No work is completed overseas, or outsourced to third party contractors. Before any part is released from the Finco workshop, it is rigidly tested.

Case study:

We were approached to provide a cost cutting solution for the removal of mid-life dump truck engines. Our solution was a unique design of an efficient, certified lifting frame. The unique frame allowed a significant amount of the machine to remain intact and greatly reduced the man hours and cost required for the engine change out.

General Industry Services

At Finco we address the root cause of your problem so we can design a long term solution. We can build anything from custom aluminum access platforms, nitrogen boxes, tool boxes, battery boxes, call sign triangles and much more. Finco’s engineering services include welding, fabrication, heavy structural steel, stainless and aluminum. We’re always flexible to support your needs and we’re here to support you anywhere, anytime 24 hours a day.

Case Study:

We have been engaged in the past to build custom access platforms to suit the required piece of equipment in lieu of no market equivalent.

Automotive Services

Finco offers workshop based fabrications unique to your individual automotive needs. At Finco we build a range of custom automotive parts including ute bodies, trailers, tool boxes, underbody protection and dog boxes. Our commitment to you is fabricating the parts you need and we’re happy to provide on-site inspection to ensure the best possible solution so your specific need is met.

Case study:

Finco offers custom automotive parts that aren’t readily available in the retail market. Our unique approach to design and fabrication allows us to transform wasted automotive space into practical storage and mounting areas for items such as compressors, hot water system, toolboxes and spare tires.